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Lonni Lou Kelly is an artist born and raised in Washington, currently residing in the vibrant city of Tacoma. After almost a decade in an administrative career, she hit a wall. She knew she had dig into her passion and build a business around her art, but she didn’t want to cater to the ultra-rich investors that make up most of the traditional art market. Lonni Lou Studios is an art brand for Main Street, not Wall Street.

At Lonni Lou Studios, we reject elitism in art. We believe that everyone should be able to surround themselves with art that they connect with, and that and creative expression is vital for healthy, happy, individuals and communities. This art can take many forms, from traditional images to hang in your space, to your clothing and everyday functional items. 


Here, we encourage everyone to Art Your Life


We not only want to do art differently; we want to do business differently. We are joining the new generation of conscious corporations and move to put people over profit.  There are 3 basic principles we do business through Community, Accessibility, and Sustainability



At Lonni Lou Studios, we care about people. We strive to conduct our business in a way that is uplifting and we want the brand we project to reflect all kinds of beauty and celebrate our varied experiences. We aim to be mindful about how the business decisions we make will impact marginalized communities and will always be open to critique of how we could be doing this better. We also set aside 10% of every sale to put back into the communities in which we do business.

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Simply put, we want people of all walks of life to be able to get a piece of art from us. We also know, very intimately, that it takes years to develop an artistic style and it takes skill and materials to make great art. We put a lot of care into developing a pricing structure and product options that balance affordability and artists getting paid. 




To us, sustainability is two-fold: environmental and economic. We look for options that are tree free, plastic free, compostable and recyclable/recycled and use these whenever possible. Our prints are printed on tree free or recycled paper, we use plant based, recycled, or compostable packaging, and upcycle thrifted clothing for our apparel collections. We pay our taxes. We also source from small and locally owned businesses wherever we can so the money we generate gets funneled into local economies. (This has the added benefit of allowing us to pick up our materials in Lonni’s tiny Toyota to reduce our business’ carbon footprint!) We default to USA and union made and favor doing trade with other businesses that pay living wages.

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